Empower wildfire

Harnessing advanced technology to contain
wildfires before they spread

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Why choose Treeage?

Whether enhancing your existing setup or starting anew, our service provides comprehensive wildfire monitoring, available as an independent system or seamlessly integrating with traditional methods.

Eliminate blind spots

Close coverage gaps across all landscapes.


Around-the-clock consistent monitoring.


Guaranteed connectivity in all conditions.


As stand-alone or integrated into your existing support systems.

What we do


Our sensors adapt to the contours of all landscapes, covering vast expanses, compact footprints, and  specific perimeters. The setup is simple: activation through a QR code scan.

What we do


Our network runs around-the-clock, rain or shine.  Ultra-power-efficient sensors are autonomously sniffing out the earliest signs of fire, with a decade of maintenance-free operation.

What we do

Intelligent Risk Assessment, Beyond Detection

We seek to understand fires. Our system sifts through volumes of data to provide actionable insights for effective risk management and informing decisions in wildfire control.


It's on your land.
And on your phone.

Is designed to provide actionable insights, fostering a sustainable relationship with the natural environment.

Know more about the air you breathe and potential contaminants with our state-of-the-art particulate analyzer inside the Treeage sensors.

Our clients

Ranch & Vineyard

Treeage provides real-time alerts at the first sign of a fire, allowing for rapid response and reducing damage, offering insurance benefits and operational continuity. As a bonus, access precise historical air quality and particulate data across your lands.


Energy Infra

Treeage provides TSOs and DSOs with the fastest wildfire detection and localization technology, maintaining service reliability, preventing damage to powerlines and substations, reducing repair
costs and downtime. Rapid detection combined
with rapid response enables regulatory adherence by enhancing safety to operators, responders and the public they serve.


Treeage empowers sustainable forestry by enabling monitoring of controlled burns and other mitigation techniques that maintain ecosystem balance, while preventing larger uncontrollable fires.

Treeage protects not only timber resources, but also the equipment and infrastructure critical to forestry operations, enhancing environmental conservation, regulatory compliance, and public safety.